The cost to Teen Challenge to care for one student is $2,000 per month. Students must take a responsible role in helping defray that monthly cost. We are actively engaged in various fund raising and work projects throughout our community as part of the program structure.

We firmly believe that developing a strong work ethic needs to be an integral part of the discipleship process. As the student participates in these various projects, a dollar per hour amount is credited toward his account. But, because the student is not able to meet the entire support obligation, we expect the applicant to secure sponsors to help.


This is primarily done by means of soliciting the financial support of their family, friends, and church to be “Good Samaritans,” to sponsor them for the duration of their stay in Teen Challenge. The minimum amount of sponsorship needed is$500.00 per month before entering the program. The length of stay is from 12 to 16 months depending upon the individual’s progress. We do have scholarship programs that can be applied for that will provide assistance in offsetting monthly costs.


For information on how to enter the program, please
contact Admissions at
(209)-537-0606 Ext.20 or e-mail at

 Faith Home Teen Challenge is funded by contributions. Those who need our help the most can least afford help. Please consider a donation to  Faith Home Teen Challenge. You can mail a check directly to Faith Home Teen Challenge P.O. Box 611 Turlock, CA 95381 or CLICK HERE for online giving.